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Telegram Premium

Telegram, one of the popular messaging applications, continues to offer new features while increasing the number of users day by day. Finally, the platform, which offers different features to some users for a certain fee with its new Premium service, has brought new features to its subscribers.

New features are coming to Telegram Premium subscribers
Telegram has announced a new update that brings a few new features for Premium users and some visual changes for all its users. The most striking feature among the innovations made was to express the expressions in video messages as text for Premium users.

Previously, subscribers could convert any voice message to text. With the latest update, the same functionality now comes to video messages. Thus, Telegram Premium subscribers will be able to receive the text transcript of the video message they receive.

Apart from that, Telegram has introduced a new feature, ‘Topics in Groups’, which allows groups with more than 200 members to create separate spaces for any topic. In this way, conversations can be made in different areas with the topics created within the group.

Another remarkable point in the update was the user names that can be purchased. Besides a single basic username, Telegram users will now be able to assign multiple usernames to each of their accounts and public chats. These names can be purchased for cryptocurrencies.

Telegram also offers another innovation for emoji lovers. With the latest update, Telegram Premium users will get 12 new emoji packs specially designed for Halloween.

Telegram has also updated the dark mode for iOS users. In addition, Android users are offered new options to resize texts. Finally, some minor design changes have also been added to Telegram. In the application, which has new usage animations, clicking on a person’s profile will now open a menu with search options.